Legacy Incorporated began as a dream of two people who passionately wanted individuals to live their lives to the fullest.  After working with people for over 20 years and seeing how their past circumstances, negative thoughts and incorrect beliefs limited who they became, they decided to create a nonprofit that empowers people to live fully ALIVE.  Through the use of a powerful life coaching framework, life coaches work with teens and adults to help them reach their full potential and live a life they enjoy.  Legacy, Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that offers life coaching to individuals (in a one-to-one setting), small group sessions or an all day conference.



In sports, a coach tells you, shows you and motivates you; but the coach doesn’t play the game for you.  That is the players’ responsibility.  Like sports, life coaches teach, impart, model, equip and empower life skills and life purposes.  They help individuals identify personal and relevant strengths and set specific and measurable goals.  Life coaches empower personal development and give viable feedback.  They help individuals become more alive and more excellent in what they think and do.  Life coaching is designed to help people find creative ways to reach one’s potential and to maximize one’s own life.