Legacy Incorporated offers three types of life coaching:  1)  one-to-one coaching,  2)  group coaching, 3) one-day conference coaching.

One-to-One coaches are relational and positive.  They coach individuals to be engaged in life, all while modeling positive life skills and connecting them to positive resources.  Coaches provide encouragement and accountability while structuring success.

Group coaching consists of a coach and individuals.  Each group commits to a 5 session interval of time wherein positive interdependence, inspiration, empowerment and goal setting are the objectives.  Individuals are coached to assess their own emotional triggers, thoughts, emotions and actions as well as set goals and create action steps.  A great sense of community is developed within each group.

If you would like to become a part of the coaching program, please click the following links below, fill out the forms and return them to our office for admittance into the program.

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